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Where’s my schwag?! I signed up earlier this month.

You may have just missed the subscription deadline. We bill the around the 1st and ship so that packages start arriving in the middle of the month.

Where’s my schwag?! I live on an island in Micronesia and/or the jungles of Brazil.

Packages have been successfully delivered worldwide within a reasonable time frame (though it does vary). If, for example, you received this month’s package before last month’s arrives (if it arrives at all), we’ll credit/refund last month’s. If you never receive a schwag bag, we’ll refund. If this happens twice in a row we should probably not try again though, eh?

You billed me twice. Why did you bill me twice? 

We have a free trial period of n days (where n is anywhere from 1 to 25) that allows us to bill around the end of the month. The first email you received from PayPal had a $0.00 charge for this free trial period.

Where do I change my address? How can I change my shirt size preferences?

Log in to:

with your email address and password.

I don’t have a login or password! Where’s my login and what’s my password?

If you’re a new subscriber, a password will be emailed to you in the first few days of the delivery month. (for example, if you signed up after August 1st, you’ll receive account info in early September).

My shirt is too big / too small / ripped – wtf?

We print more than we need for quality control. It’s all about quality control. If your shirt is too small, too big, ripped, etc, let us know and we’ll ship you another shirt interfrastically.

Can I have an extra xxxxxxxxx?

Email us, there are usually extras – we’ll see what we can do.

Can you get xxxxxxx schwag in the bags?

Get in touch, we’ll see what we can do.

How do I unsubscribe / cancel my subscription?

There’s an unsubscribe link on the subscribe page. If you have complaints, comments, parting thoughts or suggestions let us know, it’ll help make ze schwag better for everyone involved.

Additional questions, FAQ suggestions, contact us.